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  • IT'S NATURAL. Finally, a pain relief cream with powerful natural anti-inflammatory molecules and rich antioxidants.
  • IT'S FAST. Put pain relief right at the source of knee pain, lower back pain, arthritis, neck pain, elbow pain, wrist pain and sports strains.
  • IT'S PATENTED. The ONLY patent-pending, effective delivery system to take pain relief deep into your skin to the source of pain for long-lasting, fast pain relief.
  • IT'S GUARANTEED. LivRelief is the #1 selling natural pain relief cream in Canada because it works! But, if for any reason you are not satisfied, return your purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!
  • IT'S RISK-FREE. No known side effects. No drug interactions. No unpleasant scent, no tingling or burning. Just pain relief!

LivRelief’s natural active ingredient is delivered to the root of the pain by Delivra, a deeply penetrating, patent-pending system developed by a Canadian molecular pharmacologist. When you apply LivRelief, you won’t feel the burn associated with many pain relief creams. There are no tingling sensations that have little to do with whether a product actually relieves your pain.


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